Hyper SS Truggy elce 80% no electronics

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Made to conquer the course!

Developed using the latest SS Buggy platform, the SSTe features and advanced suspension design for improved traction and stability. Each long throw suspension arm is handled by anti-roll bars and threaded 17mm big bore oil shocks. Optimized steering block and hub carrier provide better steering and rough track handling. Eye catching burnt orange anodized aluminum components add the necessary style, all topped off with the latest cab forward bodyshell and racing dish wheels.
  • Gen2 17mm big bore aluminum shocks
  • Twin fiber disk brakes
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Front and rear anti roll bars
  • Wrap around front bumper for added strength and protection
  • Adjustable suspension mount inserts for toe-in and anti-squat
  • Side guard dirt deflectors
  • High downforce wing
  • Cab forward body shell
  • Dish wheels and HoBao racing tires